Uladzimir Syamashka to go to Prague instead of Alexander Lukashenka

The European Radio for Belarus has learned from our sources in the Czech Republic.

Belarus' vice prime minister Uladzimir Syamashka may head the Belarusian delegation at the European UNI0N summin in Prague.

The Eastern Partnership summit is to open in the Czech capital on May 7. Alexander Lukashenka was invited to attend, but there have been disputes in EU over his possible arrival in Prague. Many European politicians hope that the Belarusian delegation will be headed by somebody else, like foreign minister Siarhei Martynau or Uladzimir Makei, the head of the presidential administration.

Political commentator Yury Shautsou thinks that Syamashka is unlikely to head the Belarus delegation. However, if this happens indeed, Syamashka will be considered as the next prime minister.

Yury Shautsou:
“Definitely, it is unexpected, if this really comes true. Talking about Syamashka, he is a key deputy prime minister who is in charge of energy issues. In principle, he is number two in the government. If he goes there, he is likely to be regarded as the next prime minister".

Shautsou reckons that if the head of the state is not going to attend the summit, the country should be represented by either the premier or the foreign minister. Syamashka does not have a stature to be exposed in Europe, according to Shautsou.

The press office of the Belarusian foreign ministry says it is yet to be known who will head the Belarusian delegation at the summit in Prague.

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