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.::Belarus lifts restrictions on children s age and number of recuperation trips to Germany (комментариев 0)

Belarus has lifted restrictions on children s age and number of recuperation trips to Germany. The President of Belarus signed a relevant decree approving an exchange of notes of the intergovernmental agreement with Germany.

.::Alexander Lukashenko met with participants of the Minsk 2009 Bike Festival (комментариев 0)

The event with the participation of bikers from various countries of Europe was held near the Minsk Sport Palace within the framework of the celebration of the 65th anniversary of Belarus  liberation from the Nazi invaders.

.::International information forum opens in Minsk (комментариев 0)

A two-day information forum opened in Minsk on May 6, featuring more than 400 participants from Belarus, Britain, France, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and Ukraine.

.::Kondrusiewicz: Meeting in Vatican is important for Belarus (комментариев 0)

Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusievicz, the head of the Roman Catholic Church in Belarus, described as important for Belarus and the Catholic Church in this country the recent meeting between Alexander Lukashenka and Pope Benedict XVI in Vatican.

.::Jonathan Moore: Human rights in Belarus are very important for the United States (комментариев 0)

“We have seen certain small improvements but there is much more that could be done,” Jonathan Moore, Charge d’Affaires a.i. of the United States in the Republic of Belarus, told in an interview to the Charter’97 press center.


.::First kidney transplant on children performed in Belarus (комментариев 0)

Surgeons in Belarus have carried out the country’s first kidney transplants on two children, boys aged 10 and 11, said the press office of the health ministry.

.::Lukashenka orders Minsk Arena multi-sport complex completed by November 7 (комментариев 0)

Alyaksandr Lukashenka on Saturday ordered a large multi-sport complex on the outskirts of Minsk to be completed by November 7.

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