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.::Kyrgyzstan studies possibility of joining Customs UNI0N of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan (комментариев 0)

Kyrgyzstan studies possibility of joining the Customs UNI0N of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, "Kazakhstan Today" agency reports citing the press service of the Ministry of Economic Development and Commerce of Kyrgyzstan.

.::Moscow will finance Belarus' first nuclear power plant (комментариев 0)

Russia's ambassador to Belarus says Moscow will finance Belarus' first nuclear power plant and construction will begin this year.

.::Israel warns Belarus against ties with Iran (комментариев 0)

Israel's foreign minister on Thursday strongly cautioned Belarus against developing relations with Iran. Avigdor Lieberman said that Iran poses a major threat to stability in the entire Middle East. He told reporters that Israel expects Belarusian officials to take its concerns into account and promised to intensify ties with the ex-Soviet nation.


.::Russia has inflicted a potentially-damaging blow on Belarus (комментариев 0)

Russia has inflicted a potentially-damaging blow on its neighbour Belarus, witholding a 700 million euro loan and predicting the collapse of the economy by the end of the year. Moscow s growing reluctance to finance its one-time Soviet ally follows President Alexander Lukashenko s flirtation with the West through the EU s new Eastern Partnership scheme.

.::Belarus fears battle for regional influence (комментариев 0)

Belarus is anxious that a European UNI0N initiative to strengthen ties with six ex-Soviet states should not turn into a contest between Russia and the EU for "spheres of influence" in eastern Europe, according to Sergei Martynov, Belarus's foreign minister.

.::BPF Party forced to leave its headquarters in Minsk by July 8 (комментариев 0)

Administration of the Belarusian Popular Front Party received a letter from the housing and utility body demanding to vacate the headquarters in Minsk.

.::Alyaksandr Lukashenka returns after long visit to Russia (комментариев 0)
Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s visit to Russia finished on March 25.

Russian Foreign Minister accuses EU of exercising pressure on Belarus (комментариев 0)
Belarus, Russia to sign new gas deal by January 30 (комментариев 0)
Lukashenka says people should not rely on foreign currencies. (комментариев 0)
Framework agreement between Belarus, European Commission signed in Minsk (комментариев 0)
Gazprom: Gas contract not with Belarus signed yet (комментариев 0)
In response to US missile shield in Europe Russia can deploy Topols in Belarus (комментариев 0)
Kazulin, Karol and Nistsyuk resigned from Social Democratic Party (Hramada) (комментариев 0)
Lyabedzka: Opposition leader's job brings problems (комментариев 0)
Belarus gets 28 times less EU assistance than Ukraine (комментариев 0)
Milinkevich praises head of Presidential Administration as well-educated, Europeanized man. (комментариев 0)
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